As a quality corporate citizen who insists on sustainable development and advocates for responsible care, Yonghe, starting from customers, communities and employees, has set up and voluntarily implemented the "Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEH & S)" goals in 2007, to improve effects from the concerns of environmental protection and safe production. As part of the company's sustainability goals, Yonghe is committed to using resources in a more efficient way to provide value for our customers and stakeholders, providing a reasonable solution for our customers' needs. Yonghe will make unremitting efforts to continuously to improve the production technology, improve the industrial structure adjustment, develop innovative products, meet the needs of social development and customers.

Yonghe and all the staff are convinced that the principle of sustainable development, while promoting economic growth, it is committed to protecting the environment and contributing to society. Yonghe fully supports the "Responsible Care®" advocated by the chemical industry to achieve the safe handling of chemicals: Keep a green water and a blue sky for our descendants.